Thai Web Design by Big Bang is Big Value

Traveling through Thailand you’ll meet some amazing people, particularly when you get out of the tourist areas and go to where the locals are. It was while on one of these adventures that I met Aker from WebsiteBigBang, a highly skilled Thai Web Design expert. Happy to chat and exchange what we had learned along our respective journies in the industry, Aker gave me some advice that I have applied in what I do from a day-to-day perspective in my business.

Now, you might be thinking that this is highly uncharacteristic for one web design business to talk about and promote another web design business, but there is enough work out there for everyone, and we don’t need to play with a limited mindset in what we do. Aker is very much the same in how he approaches life and is a genuine guy who seeks to empower people to do what they need to do on their own. I guess that’s why we hit it off so quickly.

I would like to share with you some of the things that Aker is doing with WebsiteBigBang in an effort to convey the value that can be extracted from these tips. What he has done to attract his success online is key to why I believe that he is the best Thai Web Design professional I’ve met.

Aker’s Web Design Tip # 1

Make your website engaging and interactive. Aker says that there is little to be gained from having a website that offers no real visual appeal to the visitor, and he’s right! How many times have you landed on a website that looked and felt awful, only to leave within seconds?

A key thing behind this, as Aker explains, is the appeal needs to make your visitors want to scroll down the page. If you can get them to look below the fold, then you’ve done what almost 70% of other websites can’t. What Aker has done with WebsiteBigBang is to take a lot of the hit-and-miss out of the picture. This Thai Web Design Pro knows what it takes to engage an audience, and has been able to attract some very good outcomes for his clients.

Aker’s Web Design Tip # 2

Make your website intuitive. This may sound a lot like making it visually appealing, but that is a big mistake. A pretty site can be a very clunky site, and lack in its ability to convert. If you’re in business and your website is your primary method of attracting your market, then it needs to have a logical flow to it as well as looking pretty.

Thai Web Design -

Make sure that your menus are positioned in a way that the user can find them easily. Structure your pages in a way that makes sense and has a flow that a new visitor could decode. If people aren’t able to find their way around, they are not going to look around. You want to promote curiosity.

This can be created by linking internally with anchor text (the words that have the URL embedded into them) that is going to add value to the visitor’s experience. Avoid using the “click here” approach to anchor text as it is so old and tired that people are subconsciously sick of it. Use anchor text that suggests that there will be value gained from clicking on it. For example, if you didn’t know what a bounce rate was, you would want to click on the link that is embedded into it to find out more about that topic.

Aker’s Web Design Tip # 3

Use your content. This feeds in directly off the topic touched on in the paragraph above where we linked to the post about bounce rates. Did you click on it to find out what a bounce rate is and how you can use this to your advantage?

Stright from our Thai Web Design Pro, this is a key thing to do to improve your on-page SEO. See what we did there… Adding more value by linking to another post on this page that goes deeper into the topic. Creating a web of links to other content already on your site helps to tie together the information you already have in a way that creates a logical map for your visitors. Adding more opportunities for them to go deeper into your site is something that can work in your favor quite easily.

The key to this, as Aker explains, is that you need to make sure that when they click on the link that it takes them to something they should reasonably expect to find. By clicking on the ‘bounce rate’ link above, you went to a page that had relevant information about the subject which helped to paint a picture for you. Hopefully, you got some value from this too. What you didn’t get was some random page about kittens or something more insidious.

By supporting your visitor’s experience through this strategy, each click on a link that keeps them on your site adds to their time on your site. More time on page, more pages opened, and the deeper they go the better your site is seen to be by the search engines. Believe me, the search engines watch a lot of stuff, and this is a big one!

Aker’s Web Design Tip # 4

Open your links in a new page or a new tab. This seems so logical once you get it, but it is so obvious that unless it is pointed out, you’ll probably miss it. When you click on a link and it opens in the same page (or tab) that you were on when you clicked it, that’s not good. What that does is it registers as a bounce. By getting the page to open in a new tab the clock is still running on your original page, which is making your site look more appealing.

Thai Web Design -

That sounds sneaky I know, but what if your visitor only wanted to have a curious look at the link, but they then lost your page that had the real content wanted? By using special code to instruct the browser to open this in a new page to a new tab, you are actually making their experience on your site better by allowing them to choose to close the original tab if they don’t want it open, rather than assuming that they were done with it at that point in time.


As you can no doubt see, I picked up some gems when talking with Aker about his journey as a highly skilled Thai Web Design expert from WebsiteBigBang. If you can put these into practice in your website, then we have both done our job in empowering you to master the web.

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