In the present scenario having a business website on online is very popular. Probably you are also on the same path and every business is using most out of this to grow online. But the coin has another side also. According to statistic, only 2 out of 10 businesses are successful online.

Around 70% business fails to generate leads and sales through their website. You might have many website visitors per day, but none of them are converting into a customer.

People are facing one common problem i.e. their website does not generate leads online even after investing a lot in SEO and so they are not getting the right repercussion.

As per my past experiences I have discovered multiple reasons that why the most B2B website fails to generate leads online!

Hello friends, I Govind Dadhich through this article will share 18 reasons why B2B websites fail to generate leads online and ways to fix it!

1 – You forget about your customers

Always give more importance to your customer. Several B2B companies list all the products and services on their website and that’s where you lose customers attention. Your list only talks about the products, offers and not about the need and choices of the customers.

To generate more leads from your website first, you need to understand the requirements of your visitors and the outcome your services are going to provide them.

Tips- Therefore, your website should not only talk about the offers and services instead it should talk more about the benefits they will receive from your services and offers. You can add feedback of your existing and previous clients so that new visitors get to know the benefits earlier customers received from your services or products. It will also show them the quality of your work.

2 – There’s no clear way to contact you

There are many websites who keep all their contact information only on one page i.e. contact page. You are hiding your contact information from visitors hence your website is not generating leads.

Tips- On your website mention your contact information- phone as well as email id on every web page of the website. You can keep it in the header or footer section. Also, keep the contact section different from other sections of the website and highlight it with bright colors.

3 – Your site is not listed in search

Another reason why your website fails to generate leads online is that your website is not listed in the search. If your website is not seen at the top of search results then few people are going to find your business online. You know very well that hardly 2% of people visit next page of Google even if you are also searching for something you will also not prefer to move next page.

That’s how it is important to get your site listed on the first page of search results to get more traffic otherwise you will fail to generate leads online.  So, now the question comes is that how to rank your site on the first page?

Tips- Firstly, you have the make sure that the content which you have on your website is relevant and related to the targeted audience. If your website only has home, about and contact page then it’s not going to help you in search engine optimization.

You need to add more pages and link a blog with your website as it will improve your ranking in SEO.  For that, you need to have an expert in SEO and blog writer as they can do wonders for SEO. The experts of SEO can help you to gain more traffic on your website also; they can build the backlinks throughout the internet which will encourage others to visit the site.

Back-linking plays an important role because it helps to increase traffic to your website. The most top search engines use an index of the link data to rank the websites for each search query thus; backlink strategy helps in SEO.  So, higher your site will rank, the more it will be found by the potential customers.

The more it will be found, the more traffic it will get. The more traffic it will get, the more your website will generate leads online. Just like the rule of demand and supply.

The blogs are the best way to rank in search engines for long-tail keywords, which indicates that people can find your websites and services easily.  Moreover, updating the blogs will help you to provide fresh content through other channels such as email and other social media sites which will in return bring more traffic to your site.  Hence your blog can act as a lead-generating medium which will promote your site and services in a direct way.

4 – Poor navigation

Whether you believe it or not but it’s true that website navigation plays a major role in converting a website visitor to a customer, than any other factor. Poor navigation affects a lot on website traffic, search engine rankings, conversions and user-friendliness which cause a visitor to bounce and they didn’t convert.

Tips- Try to keep your website navigation simple, smooth and strong so that the visitors can connect easily otherwise you will lose your clients if the visitors find it hard to navigate.

5 – Design and Update

In the present world technology is the best way to win your race but for that, you need to stay updated with your website as it represents you and your business. Several B2B companies, especially manufacturers who made website years ago and never updated it then, surely your website will not provide any benefit. If you are using a cheap or free theme for your website then I am sorry to say that you are just like thousands of other users.

Tips- To get your business acknowledged in the online world you have to invest your time in it. Every day we see a lot of changes in the technology world so we need to make changes on our website accordingly. Today most of the people are the mobile user. You should optimize your website for mobile devices so that thousands of people can use it easily.

6 – Your website does not get enough visitors

If your SEO is not working don’t worry, to increase visits on your website is not a rocket science. You just have to avail correct and more information on your site which is beneficial and worthy for your client and easy to find.

Tips- You can start this with your website and post your contents on social media (usually LinkedIn) as it is a good platform than creating a blog.

7 – Your website does not use call to action

If you google business websites, surely you will find thousands of websites in search results. Most of the site use banner carousel on their homepage or service page to make their website different and attractive or uses animation effects etc.  But, using all these things is not enough it may make your website look different but it will lack customer attention due to lack of information.  This is one of the big reasons you fail to turn a visitor into a customer.

According to my experience and observation moving things are distractive such as banners, animations, slides etc. To make it little more clear let’s take an example; consider you are using a banner carousel on your service page, people who visit your website will hardly read about services which are your primary focus as moving things will distract the visitor’s minds.Now the visitors will focus more on the theme, layout, and design of a website instead of services.

Putting this example I don’t want to convey that you should not use a banner on your site, what I mean is that banners are good but for the people like photographers and artists more.

Tips- For business people, it’s a kind of distraction. Even if you want to use a carousel banner on your business websites then don’t simply use a banner or slides only. Along with that make sure you add a call to action button with headline and sub-headline on each slide and banner.

Call of action button is very useful for a website as it attracts user towards your products and services.  So, do not forget to add the call of action button on each section of your website.

8 – Not a user of social media

If you are not social media user then this is a drawback for you.

Tips- You need to create social profiles online and post your content on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc; as it is the best place to market your website easily all over the world.

9 – You do not have prices on your site

If you want to generate more traffic to your website it is better to reveal your prices on the website so that your customers can connect more with you. Most people who are doing online business prefer not to reveal their product or service price online which is ok. But if your site has a number of visitors then without contacting they will not view your site, considering your site to be expensive.

Tips- There‘s nothing wrong in mentioning prices on your website. It simply feeds the company’s contact in their brain and keeps them reminding until they find any other. So the chances of your firm getting more clients become higher.

Even if the prices of your product or services are higher than average there’s nothing to worry. Just make sure you explain every little aspect of your products and services clearly mentioning its value cost. Moreover, always maintain the quality of delivery and satisfy your customers need.

10 – Your website does not have landing pages

For a website landing page is as important as bread and butter for a person. Landing pages are also known as conversion pages. The page is designed with a single focused objective popularly known as Call to Action (CTA). This allows people to download ebooks, guides, video etc; from your website in an exchange with some information in a lead form.

Tips- On our websites, the lead we see is the repercussion of the landing page. If you only mention contact number on your website then let me clarify that it is not sufficient to generate a lead. You need to have landing page as it explains about advantages, gives context and many more.

11 – Missing Samples of Work (portfolio) section

Tips- If you have a work portfolio on the website then it’s good for your client. The portfolio helps your client to set expectation according to it that what they are going to get in return. Moreover, it builds trust on the customer as they can see your work quality according to your work experience.

12 – Missing an email capture system

In the present time, email is one of the best ways to connect easily with people and it is most influential online medium. It helps to capture the email id of your website visitor. Capture system helps us to capture the information of the visitors on our website. Even if the visitors leave the page without buying any product from your website we can contact them.

Tips-  Capturing the contact information of the people who are visiting your website is paramount. Then they run email marketing campaign to convert that website visitor into a customer.  Then with the help of email marketing campaign, they convert the visitor of the website into a customer.

13 – Missing infographics and Images and videos

If you have a quality content on a website it can help you a lot in ranking. But it has another side also if you add unnecessary stuff on your site then it makes your site boring and the visitors lose interest.

Tips- Try to use some info graphs, images, and videos instead of text as it makes your website look good and easy for your clients to understand.

14 – Adding a Phone Call Button as a Call to Action Button

Tips- Add a phone button as a Call to action button so that visitors, who click on the phone button, will be directly connected with the sales team. Thus, your website visitors will become your permanent client with just one call.

15 – Missing FAQ’s

Visitors to websites have many questions but does your website answer those questions?

Tips- If you want to turn a website visitor into a client then you need to focus on user experience.  Moreover, you can add information related to your services and products in depth. Along with this, you can add FAQ’s on contact page as this will create a huge difference between yours and others website. So, if the visitor has any query can directly refer to FAQ. Digital marketing is all about making a website user-friendly to the visitors so that they keep on visiting.

16 – You ask too much (Long contact forms)

Every person is busy in today’s world and no one interested to have long forms whether it’s online or pen paper or face to face. No one is going to fill your contact form if it is long.

Tips- Make your contact form simple and short.

17 – Missing Testimonials

Tips- Customer’s testimonials are the key content element if you are selling a product on your website as there unbiased comments will prompt visitors to buy your products. Also by using testimonials in the text, audio or video formats on your site, you can introduce content that will promote your product in convincing fashion. Moreover, adding Testimonials at the right place and on the right page is key to increase the conversion.

18 – Forgot Facebook advertisement

All of us know that Facebook is the biggest social media platform and almost every person is using this platform to market their products, services as well as websites.

Tips- You might not be a Facebook addicted person but it plays a major role in advertising any business. With the help of this platform, you can easily get connected with your clients anywhere on this planet.


It is easy to take your business online but it is tough to generate leads online from the website. As in most cases, people don’t know why they are not any getting leads from their website and ways to fix it. I am here to help you in your business to grow online. Simply follow the above tips and modify your strategy accordingly. After adopting these tips I’m sure you will amaze that how your website starts converting.

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